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The Music of Inspirational Jazz


Hello Everyone!

My name is Claude. I am the Host and Program Director of an Inspirational Jazz Radio Internet station.

My name "CMTRAVEL" comes from my travels around the world and realizing that I am truly blessed. I select certain music that inspires me from my travels and observing different cultural surroundings in other parts of the world. Now, I am back home and I have a chance to share this music with you.

I hope this music will continue to uplift your day. Look for my line of promotional items in the near future such as T-shirts, magnets, coffee mugs and other types of apparels.

Now, I'd like to introduce the voice and web creator for Inspirational Jazz.

Malcolm Powell, the "voice" of the Spiritual Vitamin, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and started his 17 year radio career in the 'Charm City'. Malcolm worked at radio stations in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.; it was in D.C. he was introduced to Christian radio and spent 15 years playing Gospel until 1996.

JM is the "web designer" for Inspirational Jazz' and makes his home in Maryland. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, he is currently working on an overseas assignment but is able to continue his work in the design of this web site. While is Boston, JM was the voice of Sunday of an afternoon radio show called 'The Black Montage', a mixture of relaxing montage of music for a Sunday afternoon. In addition, he was also the program director for a college radio program called 'Soul's Place', a variety of music and commentary for the listeners of the community.

The web site was developed to provide a sense of spirit behind Claude's music creations of peace, relaxation, tranquility while also providing spiritual message with the focus on Malcolm's 'spiritual vitamin' voice messages of hope and understanding with relevant scripture readings. We hope you enjoy the site and all it provides. We hope that the making of 'Inspirational Jazz' will be the choice for your music foundation.

Thank you for listening and I hope you will enjoy the Smooth Soothing Music of "Inspirational Jazz".